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A bit about me


Shellie A. Boudreau Christensen

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How Jupiter Presents came to be

Today we battle for attention on so many levels.  How can we make people stop and truly listen? Getting people to engage in our results, ideas and services is not easy. Yet failing to do so impedes progress and growth.  To achieve true engagement, we need to think more strategically about how we present what matters. 

Early in my research career, I took a presentation risk.  The risk was letting go of my peer and seniors’ presentation style. The results were overwhelming. I recall the audience saying "I wish you spoke longer."  The 45-minute talk included findings from 12 scientific articles. Naturally, I took the risk again.


From that point on, I continued to study, consume, and test presentation ideas. In 2013, my presentation style undoubtedly earned me an honorary teaching award.  The award set in motion a new desire.  I decided to share and teach others the strategies I learned and tested. To date, I have worked with over 100 young scientists.  These scientists are now equipped with a modern day tool-set to help them stand out from the crowd. 

Establishing Jupiter Presents unfolded naturally.  My peers encouraged me, my family supported me, and professionals outside of my network began asking for advice.  Soon I found myself speaking at events and sharing lessons learned.  So, if you want to be better, rise above the status quo, and move beyond traditional methods then I am here. Now only one question remains. "Are you ready?" 

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A brief biography

Shellie A. Boudreau is the founder and director of Jupiter Presents. She also holds an Associate Professorship at the Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University.  Her scientific work appears in high ranking and peer-reviewed academic journals. She is also the founder and CEO of Aglance Solutions ApS.  Aglance Solutions is a software company that helps scientists and organisations to improve chronic and work-related pain.

Shellie A. Boudreau has a BSc. and MSc. in Biomedical Engineering and PhD in Health Science and Technology. She enjoys discussing and presenting contemporary issues ranging from artificial intelligence to health, well-being, and performance.  She has held many roles ranging from teacher, keynote, guest speaker, and scientist.  In particular, she likes breaking down complexity and helping others communicate ideas simply.

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